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MapFish Tutorial

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Module 2 - Creating Application

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Module 1 - Getting Started

Installing MapFish

Open a terminal command and follow these steps:

$ wget
$ python env

This command creates a virtual Python environment named env and installs MapFish and its dependencies into it.

Now activate the virtual environment with:

$ source env/bin/activate

You command prompt should now look like this:

(env) user@host $

To check that MapFish is correctly installed, enter:

$ paster create --list-templates

and check that the output is:

Available templates:
basic_package:   A basic setuptools-enabled package
mapfish:         MapFish application template
mapfish_client:  MapFish client plugin template
paste_deploy:    A web application deployed through paste.deploy
pylons:          Pylons application template
pylons_minimal:  Pylons minimal application template