Handler to draw a polygon on the map.  Polygon is displayed on mouse down, moves on mouse move, and is finished on mouse up.

Inherits from

OpenLayers.Handler.PolygonHandler to draw a polygon on the map.
OpenLayers.Handler.PolygonCreate a Polygon Handler.



Create a Polygon Handler.


control{OpenLayers.Control} The control that owns this handler
callbacks{Object} An object with a properties whose values are functions.  Various callbacks described below.
options{Object} An optional object with properties to be set on the handler

Named callbacks

createCalled when a sketch is first created.  Callback called with the creation point geometry and sketch feature.
modifyCalled with each move of a vertex with the vertex (point) geometry and the sketch feature.
pointCalled as each point is added.  Receives the new point geometry.
doneCalled when the point drawing is finished.  The callback will recieve a single argument, the polygon geometry.
cancelCalled when the handler is deactivated while drawing.  The cancel callback will receive a geometry.
Handler to draw a path on the map.
Base class to construct a higher-level handler for event sequences.
Controls affect the display or behavior of the map.