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Getting Started

In this module you’re going to spend a few minutes setting up your working environment for this workshop.


If you aren’t following this document as a workshop attendee and want to use your own system, as opposed to the Debian virtual machine provided for the workshop, you can skip this module.

Start the virtual machine

The Debian GNU/Linux operating system will be used. It will be executed in a VirtualBox virtual machine. To start the Debian operating system open VirtualBox and start the system named mapfish_workshop.


If there’s no system named mapfish_workshop you will have to create one in VirtualBox, using the mapfish_workshop.vdi file as the Hard Disk.

Use user as the username and password to log into the system.

Open the documentation

This document is available in the Debian system in HTML form. To view it launch the Iceweasel web browser and open http://mapfish/mapfish_workshop. Iceweasel should be available from the desktop’s top panel.


Iceweasel is Mozilla FireFox rebranded by Debian.

Create a directory for the workshop

It is recommended to create a directory named mapfish_workshop, which will be your working directory for this workshop.

For that, open a terminal, create a directory named mapfish_workshop, and change to it:

$ mkdir mapfish_workshop
$ cd mapfish_workshop

Miscellaneous notes

PostgreSQL will be used in this workshop. PostgreSQL should be up and running in the virtual machine. You can use pgAdmin to connect to PostgreSQL, which should be available from the desktop’s top panel.

To edit files you can use any editor of your choice. The gedit editor should be available from the desktop’s top panel.